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Among variety of security systems in Kodeks Security Group of Companies one of the most reliable and efficient system is the console guarding designed to provide protection of residential, commercial, retail and warehouse facilities. Console guarding is carried out by installing sensors in the protected objects, transmitting an alarm signal to the central surveillance console.

The undoubted advantages of console guarding is providing day and night object surveillance and using multiple communication channels for signal transmission (Internet, telephone lines, radio and GSM), which prevents incapacitation of the alarm system. Console guarding allows not only to monitor the situation on the object, but to take extreme measures: the signal is transmitted from the surveillance console to the rapid response group or fire-fighting team of the Ministry of Emergency Situations depending on what has happened: the access into the object, inflammation, gas leak or flooding.

Console guarding presents itself well in cases where:

  • It is required to take under the protection the objects for which the physical security posts maintenance is not profitable;
  • A large area of protected object does not permit to reach all the important parts (warehouses, offices, cash units, etc.) by physical security posts;
  • There is no need for permanent protection, but in extreme cases may require assistance and support for physical security;
  • It is required to protect the object only in the off hours.

Of course, the important factor is the small cost of console guarding, but here should work the principles of reasonable sufficiency. More often it is necessary to combine technical and physical security equipment to create the most effective security system.

Our company has many years of providing this service; we have a lot of thanks from our clients.

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