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Irrespective of day of week and time of day, our detectives are always in the discharge of their duties. They work on principles of efficiency and confidentiality.

Investigation Division is equipped with modern equipment, which allows obtaining accurate information. We will not tell much about what we can, but let us distinguish the main directions of work:

  • Study of the Customer’s and his business partners’ primary activity market;
  • Verification of business partners, accumulation and verification of information for negotiations;
  • Establishing of unfair competition facts;
  • Prevention, as well as the establishment of the proprietary and commercial information disclosure facts;
  • Avoiding situations disrupting the Customer’s business;
  • Consultation on preventing proprietary information from leaking;
  • Search for the Customer’s lost property;

Our detectives are highly qualified and have extensive experience (including law enforcement agencies) in the provision of detective services sphere. During their work the private detectives base on current legislative acts of the Russian Federation.
The professionals engaged in private investigation render great assistance quickly and confidentially.

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